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Great Grapes Wine Festival (Abridged)

ImageAll right, all right… I know. It’s been forever. Good wine takes time – and that’s all I have to say about my lack of focus and contribution to my own blog. I am, however, back in the United States and still looking for the next break-through in wine, beer, spirits and food. It’s nice being back just for the selection and craft breweries here in North Carolina alone. That’s a different post though. This one is strictly about the wine festival about a month ago. A month! What? My assistant didn’t tell me this at all! Who’s in charge here? Oh.

Moving on. Two years ago when I attended the Great Grapes festival – it tornadoed. Or tried to. People ran to their cars! It was a false alarm and my sister and I reaped the benefits of an empty, slightly rainy wine festival area. We calmly walked up to the booths and were able to talk to the owners, winemakers, visitors, volunteers. This year I had to work at 4pm, I got there at 2 and we basically ran around trying what we could. This is serious stuff people. The Needle’s don’t mess around when it comes to trying new wine. So instead of going through the wine I tasted with notes and comments, I’m going to just make a list of the wineries I was able to visit with the name of the wines I like the best. Here goes…

Oh wait… some quick things to know before we proceed. Chambourcin: A grape hybrid, like new hybrid cars with a little more zip. Flavours of Cab Franc, Merlot etc. Traminette: Viognier-like, another grape hybrid, a cross between Gewurtztraminer and grape 4344566 or something like that. It’s good, just know that.

Old Stone Winery (Salisbury, NC) – What She Said Red (Blend), 2010 Cab Franc, 2009 Chambourcin

Southern Charm Winery (Lincolnton, NC) – Edisto Black

Skull Camp (Mount Airy, NC) – Anticipation, Euphoria, Confusion, Flirtation, Dedication

Shadow Springs Vineyard (Hamptonville, NC) – Meritage, Cherry Smash, Apple Mead, Ratafia, Dark Shadow

Owl’s Eye Vineyard and Winery (Shelby, NC) – Traminette, Celebration, Chambourcin

Stonefield Cellars (Stokesdale, NC) – Synchronicity, Dread Pirate Robert’s Bloody Red Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Midnight Moonlight

Rocky River Vineyards (Midland, NC) – Scarlet

Old North State Winery (Mount Airy, NC) – Bare Bones, 2010 Fish Hippie Merlot, Restless Soul

Chatham Hill Winery (Cary, NC) – 2009 Cabernet Sauv, All of their fruit infused wines, Cab Franc, 2011 Riesling

Treehouse Vineyards (Monroe, NC) – “Her Way” Cabernet Sauv.

Slightly Askew WInery (Elkin, NC) – Slut Dog Sin, Numb Knutz, Spiker Dude, Nasty Bastard

Stony Mountain Vineyards (Albermarle, NC) – Sangiovese/Syrah

Grove Winery (Greensboro, NC) – Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, Nebbiolo

Herrera Vineyards (Dobson, NC)Tannat, Malbec Rose, Sangria

Hope you can make it next year to see what else North Carolina based wineries have to offer!! A little something more than muscadine!





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