My thoughts on the blog:

I want to help local businesses get their word out. I want people to look at wine as a completely attainable love and hobby. I want to make money with it somehow. I’d like to write more, maybe for magazines or newspapers.

My plan right now is to taste wine anywhere and everywhere, write about it in such a way that explains to people why they like certain wines and where they can get it in a light, funny way. I’m not sure how to expand, but I am actively trying to think of ways to move forward.

I know I love wine/beer, I love to write… practice makes perfect and I need a lot of practice. I want to help people our age infiltrate the wine market. I want to network and become friends with anyone and everyone who knows about wine. I want to learn everything there is to know about this ‘fruit turned badass’ concoction.

I’m 26 and anxious. I don’t want to sit around and watch time pass me by on the digital clock powered by a computer on a faux wood desk. We have a responsibility to do something meaningful with our lives with meaningful people.  Time to think. Time to learn. Time to do.

But first, a glass of wine.


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  1. Thumbs up for your goals!!!!!!!!

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