Johnnie Fox’s Hooley Night

Talk about a bunch of laughs! My parents, brother and I had a great evening with music, food and Johnnie Fox’s own Irish dancers. We even got a bit of Hen/Bachelorette Party ladies dressed as grannies doing jigs and the main bride to be dressed as Wonder Woman!

Johnnie Fox’s, dubbed the highest pub in Dublin is situation in Dublin mountains close to the Wicklow mountains to the South. It’s lively and there is certainly plenty to see. Not only do they have plaques all over the walls, but they have strange collections of tea cups, saucers and old chamber pots. Not to mention they make the best Irish Coffee I’ve ever had. They normally have live music during the week and on weekends, but you can book especially for what they have called, “Hooley Night.”

Hooley Night is a 4 course menu set price meal with music and dancing. Everyone on the evening is brought together and seated at long tables so you’re bound to make friends. The dinner and entertainment alone can be pretty expensive, so if you’re thinking about drinking – don’t be surprised if your bill is pretty high. However, it was certainly worth every penny and I loved being able to go. (There are some things you just never do when you’re not showing other tourists around). Though I drove up to Johnnie Fox’s, they do have a bus that will take you there and back, but since I did drive I didn’t drink. My parents did and they each got a half bottle, 1 red and 1 white. I did get to taste them and I was actually wow-ed. Seriously, I remember thinking.. ‘wow.’

They had a range of mains to select, but I went with lamb shank – it was very tasty and tender, though I tried a bit of my dad’s duck in a champagne sauce and wish I had chosen that one.. next time. And of course before any more ado a picture of the wines in case you stumble upon them. (Italics is from their website

Left: Château Lamarche, Vignoble Bernard Germain – Bordeaux Supérieur
A wine with a developed fruity nose, soft & appealing, with good grip and subtle tannins. A perfect description. This red was soft, softer than most Bordeaux… Bordeaux-s…Bordei? Typically Bordeaux is made up of a mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot (other varieties can be added), I find this mixture quite harsh and sometimes displeasing. However, I really liked this one because of how easy to drink it was and how wonderfully it would have gone with the lamb or the duck. Despite being a 2010 wine it was amazingly well settled and the fruit well rounded.

Right: Le Rime, Castello Banfi, Montalcino – Pinot Grigio/Chardonnay
An unusual combination of aromatic Pinot Grigio and full bodied Chardonnay, a vivacious wine full of charm. Certainly an unusual combination and maybe full of charm, but I wouldn’t say a full wine. With just the right amount of acidity and flavours of green apple, Chardonnay can be full and heavy. Lightened by Pinot Grigio with an added crisp sweetness, this wine would have been great at a Hooley night inside or out in a hot summer’s day. I bet it tastes better on a boat.

Hope you’ve enjoyed your summer!


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